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Shared thoughts from just a few of my yoga students on their experience of

Gem Yoga & Wellness to help guide you & your choice of yoga


"Gemma’s enthusiasm and passion for yoga is contagious. Her approach is so versatile; she has such great energy and encourages me to push myself, while also creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. She is always welcoming, easy to talk to and very caring. Her teaching perfectly reflects her deep understanding of yoga and wellbeing. Gem is a rare find."

Caroline ~ Henley-On-Thames

I’ve been enjoying Gem’s weekly Cozy & Calm yoga class, the meditation is profoundly relaxing and I’m left feeling incredibly serene afterwards. I have noticed I sleep much more deeply and wake up feeling so rejuvenated after these sessions too. Gem is a fantastic teacher, she’s an absolute natural, everyone must try her classes!

Sarah ~ Romsey


What I love about Gem's yoga classes is that she covers every single aspect of it. In her regular sessions you'll do all the advanced stuff ideal for strength and fitness for sport - and at the other end of the spectrum, her 'Cozy and Calm' class adds in meditation and mindfulness - its the only yoga session I've done that instructs you to replace the mat with a bed - perfect! She's very thoughtful about the soundtrack too - a lot of consideration goes into the music playlist which, again, is not something I've experienced elsewhere. Her warm, kind and relaxed delivery make her the perfect all-round yoga teacher, highly recommended. 

Jack ~ Henley-On-Thames

Gemma is a beautiful yoga teacher. Everything that you have to offer comes directly from your heart and soul and I feel that with every class I’ve attended of yours. You radiate such warmth and calm that I can’t help but feel soothed just from hearing your voice! There needs to be more little “Gem’s” like you out in the world to share yoga that is full of light and positivity. Thank you so much for holding a space that deeply connects us to ourselves and the world around and for sharing yoga that speaks to the soul.

Becci ~ Hedge End


I have been attending Gem Yoga classes regularly for about 7 months now [since May 2021] and I absolutely love them. Gemma is such a fabulous yoga teacher and person, very positive but at the same time so gentle and balanced. Practicing yoga with Gemma is a pleasure for me and I’m always looking forward to the next class. The atmosphere at the class is always so relaxing and welcoming, you couldn't ask for anything better.

I feel so grateful that I found Gemma...

Alicia ~ Chandlers Ford

I have been practising yoga with Gem on zoom and in person since last year [Jan 2021]. I love her kind, gentle approach and teaching style. Gem is so welcoming and easy to talk to. I have gained so much from attending her classes, I feel stronger and always come away feeling lighter and refreshed!

Kerry ~ West End


Yoga with Gem lessons are brilliant, varied and tailored to all abilities. I so look forward to them.

Sue ~ Chandlers Ford

Gemma is an excellent Yoga teacher. She has a inner calmness and she puts you at ease which is a real gift. If you new to yoga or have done yoga before I highly recommend one of Gemma’s yoga classes. You won’t be disappointed one of my favourite classes is the bedtime zoom sessions you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Lisa ~ Chandlers Ford

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